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We are a Media Buying & Ad Creative Agency. We work directly with many eCommerce & B2B brands to give them top-tier ad creatives and manage their social ad campaigns.

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About Us

At Terfuu, we believe in the power of data to help eCommerce and B2B businesses succeed. We get really excited about helping our clients invent their future by using a data-driven, performance-focused advertising approach.


Our team has 40+ years of digital marketing experience combined. We’ve seen firsthand how many brands are able to generate ROI from their marketing campaigns—and how many others aren’t. We want to make sure that you’re on the right side of that equation!

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What we offer

Social Ads Post IOS 14.5

With this acquisition channel, we build the strategy and execute the ads to drive growth.

At Terfuu, from day 1, we know exactly the best route to go down with Social ads.

Our ad agency has in-depth knowledge of both the organic and paid ads side of the platforms, you can trust your brand is in the right hands.

Google Ads Terfuu Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing

Our team of highly experienced search strategist and experts have an innate understanding of consumer search behaviour to allow us to take advantage of fast moving marketplaces.

By leveraging best-in- class technology, tools, methodologies and processes, we’re able to create tailored strategies that will drive proven results.

Ad Creatives That Converts

Our team of creative strategists and production experts is trained to deliver top-tier full-studio production ad creatives and UGC on a weekly basis.

In addition, our editing team cut the creatives in the styles that perform best on Meta and TikTok to maximize the ROAS of every campaign.


Companies That Trust Us

Our Process

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You will learn how to take the next steps to start generating results online with Performance Creative & Paid Advertising.


We conduct an audit to identify the greatest needs and opportunities.


We create a blueprint that outlines the exact steps we’ll use to turn your business into a 7 or 8-figure powerhouse.


Most creative agencies charge a fortune and take forever to deliver. We will create your content in just 3 weeks, and it will include 10 new creatives developed by 16 models/creators every week.


We start lean, rapidly test, boot what’s underperforming, and refine the tactics that are driving results.

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Businesses that makes amazing products or deliver great services, and really care about their impact on the world.

Businesses looking to understand their increased revenue potential with performance creative & paid advertising.

Businesses spending over $30,000 per month and that want to get more out of it.
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